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Fuselage Giveaway at Oshkosh 2017
We are giving away and stage 1 Monocoupe Clip Wing Fuselage to celebrate the return of this iconic airplane. Click HERE for details on how to enter.


Return of the iconic Clip Wing

Johnny Livingston, Woody Edmondson, and many others flew Monocoupes almost 90 years ago to the delight of crowds everywhere. Whether running a Clip WIng in an air race or doing an aerobatic routine, the fans knew they were in for a treat when the sporty high wing plane was in attendance. Only a handful of Monocoupe 110 Specials were produced with just a few surviving today. Although small in production number, they are great in performance and sex appeal, reaching speeds over 200 mph on just 150-185 hp. These speed demons were the planes to catch back in the infancy of air racing and left an indelible mark in many pilots minds.

With the technology today, we are able to produce products faster and more economical than ever before. We are using the latest technology to produce one of the finest airplane kits available - The Monocoupe Clip Wing. We started the project by searching for original plans and getting an original Monocoupe in our shop to use as a reference. From there we CAD designed the airframe in 3D to insure that every bracket, fitting, bolt and piece is the right size and in the proper location. By virtually building the airframe in 3D modeling, we were able to rotate each individual part and have CAD files on each and every part. We left nothing to chance and produced the finest example of a Clip Wing that is available with tolerances in the thousands of an inch.

What drives a group of individuals to take on the daunting task of bringing back the iconic Clip Wing? Passion. When a friend and I were in Oshkosh in the early 90's and walked up to Bud Dake's black Monocoupe, we were frozen in our tracks. There sat the hotrod of the airshow, sitting high in the front like a bulldog puffing it's chest out. Sleek, sexy lines that snaked down to a thin looking back with a radial engine up front that was ready for business. There were thousands of planes at the flyin that year, but that Monocoupe stood out like no other. After many miles of walking, we seemed to be drawn back to the Clip Wing and eventually went out to dinner with Bud. Although it was over 25 years ago, it seems fresh in our minds today. We promised ourselves we would someday build a Clip Wing Monocoupe, but family, jobs, and other commitments come first, and time just slips away. As my kids got older my son found a passion for flying and the desire to be in and around airplanes bit him hard. He began working on his private license at the age of 15 and we started an airplane project to have for him to fly. Though we acquired a few airplanes to work on, they never seemed to scratch that itch. After over 20 years, the friend that took me in his Bucker Jungmann to Oshkosh walked back into my life. Although we had not seen each other for over two decades, we instantly got back in the groove of talking airplanes. A couple days after the reunion we were sitting in a restaurant and he informed me that he had bought a Monocoupe years ago. The memories rushed back like a river in spring time and the thoughts of seeing that black Clip Wing over 25 years ago sent chills down my spine. As we talked about Monocoupes, we discussed him working on his fuselage and the fire was lit. Leaving the dinner, I thought about nothing but Clip Wings driving home. I couldn't sleep or eat. All that was on my mind was the Monocoupe.

Not only did I want a Clip Wing Monocoupe, but I knew that others did as well. There are a huge number of airplane kits available today, making it easy for individuals to get into flying an experimental plane. Though the field is full of different models, ranging from ultralights to mega dollar turbo prop creations, we still had an itch to scratch. In the past couple decades we have built high tech fixtures for race cars and composite molds for hotrods and airplane parts. Surrounding ourselves with craftsman that can draw in CAD 3D, laser parts out of aluminum or steel, and others that are the top of their field led us to discuss building a kit. We knew we had the team of experts in each area needed to produce the finest chrome moly fuselage, wooden wings, composite cowlings, and all the small parts to build the project. With a fire burning inside, we set out to create the plane we are offering here as a kit - The Monocoupe Clip Wing.

We created a company to produce the plane - the Monocoupe Clip Wing Corporation. With my daughter and the same friend who relit the fire running the company, we have laid out a business plan to bring back the Clip Wing. We started with the fuselage and after building it in 3D CAD, we built a jig and have the individual tubes laser cut and fishmouthed for a perfect fit. Every part and bracket is produced to exact specifications. Moving on to the wing and tail, we are offering a kit with the wing spars, all the pieces and brackets to build the wing and tail using proven methods of construction over a century old. We will be offering quick build kits for the ribs and eventually the wing complete. Future sub kits will include the cowling and fairings done in carbon fiber, the sheet metal, the wood kit for the fuselage, control kits, and more. We are constantly adding to the sub kits so we will be able to offer virtually every part on the plane including gas tanks and windows. Our commitment is to support our customers to enable them to have their own piece of history in the form of a Clip Wing.

Not only does our product set us apart from the other hundreds of kit manufacturers, but our business plan does as well. We are doing something that we think has never been done before in the kit airplane business. For the first 90 customers who order a kit we are giving them a special piece of history in the form of One Stock Share of the Monocoupe Clip Wing Corporation. When you pay your deposit, you not only become a customer, but you are a member of the family of owners of the company. With your deposit, you will recieve a Monocoupe Clip Wing Corporation Stock Certificate that gives you a piece of the business. With the Clip Wing being as iconic of a plane that it is, we are not just interested in selling plane kits. We want to build a community of owners who want to be part of this endevour. We want the owners of the planes to share in the passion we have for the Monocoupes. Not only will they share in the passion, but the first 90 customers will share in the ownership of the business. Why 90? It will be 90 years since the first Monocoupe flew and the Model 90 had a good ring to it's name.




"Many can build a kit plane and have it come to market- We are building a dream. Come join us and share the dream." - John Worm








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